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Computing and cybersecurity are everything. To us, data security and data privacy are equally important. This site was designed to share useful and easy to digest chunks of information, to create a better and safer computing space for all.

Why One Page Awareness?

One Page Awareness (OPA) was formed as an easy to access, self-explanatory webiste by Yito LLC. OPA was created with you in mind as a way to share useful information to our clients and others. People ask us cybersecurity related questions all the time, so this is our way of providing guidance. While you are ultimately responsible for your digital actions, knowing how to stay safe online is something everyone should be learning and relearning. Cyber space changes rapidly, so grow with us, checking out latest OPA Sheets in our Collection from time to time, to stay up-to-date on cyber best practices.

Be a Champion With Us

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champion, 2023



Home » About Us
Home » About Us