Author: OPA

Human Resources Cyber Planning

In nearly any sized organization, Human Resources (HR) is responsible for onboarding and offboarding employees. This task is highly integrated with Information Technology (IT) teams nowadays, requiring user account creations or removals. This task is cumbersome as most organizations don’t just use one platform, but instead have quite a few in use for email, computer […]

Business target

Okay, this is not some sales pitch or a target for Q1. No, in this case, business targets are those that are often dealing with cybersecurity threats. Threats such as: password guessing, phishing, vishing, smishing, social engineering, impersonation, scams, and other types of trickery. So, who are the business targets? The reality is that every […]

Should you buy alternative domain names?

In a digital world, the possibilities are endless. No, really, they are. When you buy a website, would you expect someone to abuse it? Most of us want to believe the world is good and for the most part, it is. However, a few bad eggs ruin things and thankfully a modern risk can be […]

Is AI Dangerous?

Okay, you keep hearing about artificial intelligence (AI) and it really is such a buzz word these days. So, is AI dangerous? Well, that depends. In order to know if AI is dangerous, there are a few things we need to explore first. Once we know those answers, then we can answer if artificial intelligence […]

What is a virtual cell phone number?

Have you heard of a P.O. Box? Well, it’s basically a mailbox that you can use without giving away your personal home address. Well, a virtual cell phone number is similar as it’s a way to communicate with you, without having your personal number. This virtual cell phone number (or virtual phone number) could be […]

Why you should use a VPN.

A valid question we hear often asked is, “what’s a VPN?” People say it helps protect data and privacy or makes one anonymous, but is any of that true? To understand the end goal of a VPN and why you should use a VPN, it’s important to first know what it is and what it […]


Smishing, or short message service (SMS) phishing, is the term those in cybersecurity use for text message scams. Similar to phishing with email, phishing with messages comes in many forms. Smishing could come in the form of a good old fashion text message or be received through chat services: such as WhatsApp, Signal, or iMessage. […]

Scam e-mails

It happens all the time, but it would never happen to you, right? Wrong. Scam e-mails are common, in fact according to EarthWeb, around 3.4 billion phishing emails are sent every day. Phishing is a generic term for attempted scams by bad actors. Scam e-mails can sometimes be challenging to spot, but we’ve put together […]