What is a virtual cell phone number?

Have you heard of a P.O. Box? Well, it’s basically a mailbox that you can use without giving away your personal home address. Well, a virtual cell phone number is similar as it’s a way to communicate with you, without having your personal number. This virtual cell phone number (or virtual phone number) could be used for registering rewards programs, used for signing up for certain less trusted websites, getting that new business off the ground, or maybe living that double life as a spy (only use your powers for good though)! Having a phone number that doesnt directly tie back to you can be a good way to create some space between yourself and the data collection efforts of many sales and marketing organizations.

So, how do you get your hands on a virtual cell phone number? Well, its easier than you might think. Many services are free, though some may have limited features unless you pay for the premium monthly service. A popular service, Google Voice, is free for personal use. Many other services exist in this space and some may also call themselves a VoIP provider. Meaning, voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which is simply voice communication through the internet, instead of through a traditional telephone line.

Now that you know what a virtual phone number is and how to get one, are you going to help protect your own privacy?

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